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We are a small group of business professionals with experience in various industries, incl. marketing services, finance sector, food processing and distribution, retail, charities and NPOs. This background allows us to quickly understand our customers' needs and adapt to their operations.

Driving force behind our team is Joanna, who has been active in book keeping and administration sector for almost 15 years now. Originally working for others, in 2015 she decided to move on and set up DetangledAdmin Limited.

Small in our case does not mean inferior. High standard of services is what we consider as our main target. Even though we always have one colleague, who due to it's background is following particular client on a daily basis, we all know our customers and and can easily provide additional support when needed.

Depending on the scale of your business, we can assist you with comprehensive book keeping and administration services, or we can work in cooperation with your existing accounting team.

Even though we have our preferences, we work with most common book keeping tools, including Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

In order to bring maximum value to our customers, we tend to work remotely in cloud based systems, however upon request we are available to visit our clients, especially in London area.